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HTC Blowout Kit™


HTC Blowout Kit™

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The HTC Blowout Kit™ can be carried as a standalone component or seamlessly integrated into the Low Profile System™ - allowing you to discreetly carry your IFAK / med kit for easy access with either hand.

Worn in the small of your back, you can easily remove the pouch from the platform with a quick pull on the grab handle. The pouch is connected to the grab handle with a lanyard to prevent it from falling to the ground when you require quick access to your medical gear.

The pouch dimensions are approximately 6.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" - just the right size to hold all your emergency medical necessities in a standard personal medical kit.

HTC's Blowout Kit™ is now available both with emergency medical supplies included, or empty for those preferring to use their own equipment. The large medical supply package includes essential items needed for the treatment of most common ballistic injuries and combat trauma (Combat Wound Seal, FTS, NPA, Hemostatic Dressing, tourniquet, etc.). The supplies are vacuum-sealed to fit in the HTC Blowout Kit™ Pouch with tourniquet and trauma shears each packaged separately for carry outside the pouch, if desired. For a detailed listing of supplies, please view the medical supplies product page.

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Product Description

The HTC Blowout Kit™ provides the means to discreetly carry your personal medical gear for quick ambidextrous access. Available with or without medical supplies.


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