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HTC™ Reduced Capacity Blowout Kit™


HTC™ Reduced Capacity Blowout Kit™

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The new HTC™ Reduced Capacity Blowout Kit™ provides an even more discreet way to carry personal medical gear for quick ambidextrous access. It can be worn as a standalone component or seamlessly integrated into the HTC Low Profile System™.

Worn in the small of your back, you can easily remove the pouch from the platform with a quick pull on the soft handle which remains tucked against the front of the pouch until needed. The pouch is connected to the handle with a lanyard to prevent it from falling to the ground when you require quick access to your medical gear.

The pouch dimensions are approximately 5.5" x 5.5" x 1" - just large enough to accommodate the medical components for a minimalist GSW / IFAK kit. An elastic sleeve on the bottom is designed to hold a standard tourniquet. Medical supplies can be purchased as an option with this pouch. For a complete list of medical supplies, please visit the product page for Medical Kits.

If you already own the HTC Blowout Kit™ and would like to purchase the smaller pouch shown here for use with your current platform, click here to purchase just the pouch and handle.

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Product Description

The new HTC™ Reduced Capacity Blowout Kit™ provides an even more discreet way to carry a minimalist GSW / IFAK kit for quick ambidextrous access.


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