7 Most Comfortable Holsters Reviewed 2022 [Concealed Carry, IWB, OWB, Fat Guys, For Sitting]

Most Comfortable Holsters Reviewed IWB OWB For Sitting For Women Fat Guys Chest Belly Band

Here’s a simple fact: If your holster is not comfortable, then you’re going to have a hard time concealed carrying anything.   I wrote this guide to give you a short overview of the different holster types, and their pros & cons when it comes to comfort while concealed carrying.  7 different “most comfortable” holsters … Read more

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We’re launching a new free firearms resource on this website. If you’re wondering about the old High Threat Concealment® website, the last we heard is that those guys had to close doors because of some unforeseen circumstances. We have no affiliation with the High Threat Concealment® company and just purchased this domain on an auction … Read more